What You Get When You Subscribe

Our training is delivered by former NFL players who love and understand the game of football. Tip of the Spear’s revolutionary training techniques were originally only available through camps and clinics, but now you can learn these same ground-breaking training techniques through our Performance Training System. Use them together with our live in-person services of student camps and coaches clinics, or just by themselves to improve your game as a student or coach. Get all the benefits of our many years of professional expertise right where you are, any time you want.



Tip of the Spear teaches players to perform at their best, without head contact. Our training videos use revolutionary techniques to enhance on field performance to unheard of levels.


Our motto is Safety Through Superior Technique. Tip of the Spear techniques make you the best football player you can be, while greatly reducing concussions. So you win and keep on winning.


Our video training library is always growing and expanding to included new techniques. So there’s no limit. Keep improving and get all the benefits of our expertise wherever you are.

Benefits of Membership

Contact Drills Library

$59per year
  • Level 1 Contact (Fits) 
  • B.L.A.S.T. (Clinic Overview)
  • Rolling Meatballs
  • Iron Core
  • Come to Balance Posture
  • 3 Point Coil Stance
  • 2 Point Coil Stance

Advanced Leverage Library

$97per year
  • Advanced Techniques 
  • All Basic Drills PLUS
  • Perimeter & Zone Blocking
  • Defensive Line Defeating Blocks
  • Offensive Line Run Blocking
  • Ongoing Content Additions

Tip of the Spear Library

$197per year
  • aka The Full Monty 
  • All Advanced Leverage Videos
  • NFL Clinic Film OL/DL
  • Elite Pass Rush & Pass Protection
  • Designed for NFL & College Level
  • Ongoing Content Additions